ai spacefactory's earth habitat
available on a nightly basis starting march 2020
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a sustainable home for this planet

Nestled in the woods of upstate New York along the Hudson River, TERA is available on a nightly basis for anyone wanting to experience what sustainable life could be like on Mars – and on Earth. Unlike other buildings, its NASA-tested design and materials can be composted back to Earth at the end of its life – bringing the out-of-this world, sustainable technology we built for Mars – back to Earth.

Earth-transforming architecture

mars technology for this world
TERA was built from the same 3D printing technologies and compostable materials we designed for longterm, sustainable life on Mars. Like its predecessor (the NASA-award-winning Martianhabitat MARSHA), TERA is built from a 3D-printed biopolymer basalt composite –a material developed from crops like corn and sugar cane – tested and validated by NASA to be (at minimum) 50% stronger and more durable than concrete. This material has the potential to be leaps and bounds more sustainable than traditional concrete and steel, leading to a future in which we can eliminate the building industry’s massive waste of unrecyclable materials. It could transform the way we build on Earth – and save our planet.

A futuristic Life in the woods

relaxation in a space-tech eco getaway
Situated on acres of undisturbed nature less than two hours by train from New York City, TERA emphasizes the beauty its natural environment and gives guests a quiet appreciation for Earth – all while offering a glimpse into life on a new planet.

Every stay contributes to TERA's sustainable and scientific mission: emphasizing the need for renewable technologies to save this planet, while researching what’s needed to enable life on a new one. Each TERA will build on the last until we achieve highly autonomous structurally performing human-rated habitats. Just like Marsha informed TERA, all the knowledge we gain from TERA will feed back into our extraterrestrial design and construction – ultimately enabling human life on Mars.
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