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AI SpaceFactory develops construction technologies that will enable the expansion of human life on and beyond Earth.

the first lunar foothold

technology for the artemis mission
Designed with a life expectancy of at least 50 years, LINA's primary function is to protect astronauts and critical mission assets against hazards such as galactic cosmic radiation exposure, solar particle events, moonquakes, micrometeoroid impacts, lunar dust contamination, and cryogenic conditions experienced during the lunar night.

As we broaden the horizon of what is possible in the future, LINA is an architectural and technological milestone that sets precedent for the pursuit of explorations more distant than our moon.

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the future of living on earth

nasa-tested technology brought to this planet
Our 3D printed Earth habitat TERA is the most advanced, sustainable building ever conceived. Designed to use  our NASA-award-winning technologies, TERA is light years ahead of any known form of construction.

TERA’s exterior shell is renewable and recyclable, resulting in a simpler, more sustainable solution for building on this planet. As TERA is developed for various climates and challenges through each print, it advances our space technologies to ultimately enable human life on the Moon and Mars.

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multi-planetary technology

buildings designed for space missions
TERA was born out of MARSHA – AI SpaceFactory's NASA-award-winning design and prototype for a 3D printed Mars habitat. The prototype was printed nearly autonomously in 2019 within a 30-hour construction window.

Our 3D print technology uses a recyclable biopolymer composite which outperformed concrete in NASA’s strength, durability, and crush testing. ASTM lab tested and certified to be two to three times stronger than concrete in compression, our space-grade material is also five times more durable than concrete in freeze-thaw conditions.

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