our technology
the future of multiplanetary construction
AI SpaceFactory's NASA-award-winning technology brings innovations in software, materials, and robotic integration to the construction of homes on Earth and in Space. Our full-stack 3D printing solution challenges modern construction's over-reliance on energy-intensive, non-renewable materials, dangerous jobs, and large deposits of waste on our planet.

Full-stack 3D printing

AI SpaceFactory's most innovative technology is its complete automation of 3D printing construction. Innovations in robotics,  control algorithms, materials, and design, result in a state-of-the-art, full-service 3D printing construction service that results in less expensive, more sustainable, and safer buildings.

Construction robotics

Our 3D print technology uses telemetry / teleoperation, data analytics, machine perception and intelligence for wider autonomous applications.

High performance eco materials

Our buildings are printed with natural and recycled composite materials which are stronger and more durable than concrete. It's a simpler, more sustainable solution for building on and beyond this planet.

environmental solutions

climate-specific adaptations built to last
Starting 2020, AI SpaceFactory will embark on a multi-year pilot program to build TERAs in locations across the US and globally.

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