About AI Spacefactory
AI SpaceFactory is a multi-planetary architectural and technology design agency founded to build a better future – on and beyond Earth.

SpaceFactory represents our ambition that architecture can drive technology development. As a team of architects, technologists, artists and engineers, SpaceFactory operates at the intersection of ideas and making. We see the spaces and surfaces of architecture as devices that are empowered to inform and interact with us; to serve as an exchange between the physical and digital worlds.  People, places and things are connecting.  By creating powerful, spatially transformative technologies we can forge a more intimate connection between us and the spaces we inhabit.  

In Boston, we are helping autism researchers to create spaces which perceive and respond to a child's anxiety.  On the other side of the planet, we are applying these same technologies at a massive scale to bring a new level of human-centric experience to China's skyscrapers.  It's a journey which has taken us beyond planet Earth, where we are working with NASA to design the first permanent homes on Mars.  

We are creating a cutting edge design studio ready to take on the world’s most unique and technological projects.  What brings us together is a shared mindset to innovate.  We see a unique opportunity to create the building blocks of the future, a fusion of bricks and mortar with digital intelligence and human empathy.  The possibilities of what we can create with these tools is vast.


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