our mission

AI SpaceFactory develops advanced construction technologies for space exploration – autonomous robotics and sustainable materials – which will transform how we build and live on Earth.

our history

February 2017

AI SpaceFactory was founded in February 2017 to develop the construction technologies needed to enable the future of human habitation on and beyond Earth. That same year, we embarked on the multi-phase NASA Centennial Challenge to develop the design and technologies to build on Mars—a challenge we ultimately won in May 2019.

January 2018
design of mars habitat (marsha)

AI SpaceFactory joined NASA's 3D Printed Habitat Challenge in its third and final phase, which required a constructed prototype of a Martian habitat. Through the challenge, we began to push the thresholds of what's possible within 3D printing technologies and Mars habitat designs and initiated the novel use of indigenous, recyclable PLA composites.

July 2018
nasa centennial challenge - design phase 2nd place winner

SpaceFactory was one of five designs selected from a field of seventeen teams due to our innovative designs, architectural layout, and detailed models. Our Mars habitat MARSHA marked a radical departure from previous habitat schemes typified by low-lying domes or buried structures. MARSHA stands upright and tall on the Martian surface with highly human-centric, habitable spaces tuned to the demands of a Mars mission.

October 2018
first print with biopolymer

Using fibers known to be found on Mars (basalt) and materials that are effective shields for radiation (PLA), we achieved our first print [TECHNICAL ACHIEVEMENT] a recyclable polymer composite that would outperform concrete in Martian environmental conditions.

May 2019
nasa centennial challenge - 1st place winner

AI SpaceFactory was announced the ultimate winner from over 60 entries into the NASA 3D Printed Habitat Challenge, receiving the coveted $500K prize. Our 15-foot tall prototype was commended for its highly automated print and its innovative biodegradable and recyclable material that withstood NASA’s pressure, smoke, and impact tests better than its concrete competitors.

September 2019
launch of tera project

AI SpaceFactory began the TERA (short for Terrestrial-Analog) project to validate our space-technologies on Earth. An eco-friendly 3D printed dwelling made entirely with sustainable materials, TERA proves that revolutions in technology, artificial intelligence, and robotics can reduce landfill waste and our collective carbon footprint through Space-driven construction.

January 2022
AI SpaceFactory enters the metaverse

To fund continued Space and Earth construction research, AI SpaceFactory enters the metaverse and releases its first and only collection of limited edition TERA NFTs – 3D .glb files that can be experienced in real life via augmented reality.

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